The Promise of a Woman

I was sitting at a computer programming competition and across the table was a woman.  Continue reading


Road Rage

I am going to kill someone on the way home.  Not drunk driving on the way home from the bar.  Not driving while crying my way home from a funeral.  I am going to kill someone on the way home from work on a good day. Continue reading

Work at 2AM

For better and worse, I am a nice guy.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the girls I’m interested in and they will all tell you I’m a nice guy.  And as self-defeating as that sounds, I don’t care.  If I am too much of a nice guy for you, then guess what?  I am too much of a nice guy for you and let’s not waste each other’s time.  I tell you what though, the next girl I really want to spend a long time with will want a nice guy to carry sleeping children from the car to the bed.  That, however, is not the rant of the day. Continue reading

The stars do not have an up and a down.

We are made of star stuff. ~ Carl Sagan

There is a peace that is easily found on a moonless night.  I can stare endlessly into the endless night and count the countless stars.  I can find one star and be lost in how simply vast that one alone is.  I can stare at the space around it and wonder how that lone star, with its own light, hides those in front of it or behind it, whether it is brighter than a million others, or just nearer.  There are a million answers in the million questions that the stars fling recklessly through your mind.  There is peace in the questions they stir.  There is a peace in their answer. Continue reading