Goodness is like gravity. The more you have, the more you attract.

Certainly, that sentiment can be wrapped up into a singular word: Karma.  However, it is somehow demystified when explained in two simple sentences.  In many ways, this statement is a reflection of two amazing women I’ve had the honor and the gift of knowing.  One of them I know far better than the other and for about 3 decades longer, so let us start there.  She’s also slightly less likely to kill me for talking about her.

My mother, by the account of most people who know her is somewhat of an angel or a saint.  I know many people who look like that at first glance, but the closer you look and the better you know them, the more you disagree.  My mother is very different.  Not that she doesn’t have any faults, but the better you know her, the more you understand how much she will sacrifice for others and give of herself.  In many ways that is a tremendous weakness for her, but she is learning limits.

The point I want to discuss is the way good things rain down on her.  I went with her to pick up her car in Jersey City after a weeklong trip once.  As we approached the car, there was a trash bag over the driver’s side window.  Immediately, my heart dropped, knowing that someone had broken the window to steal the GPS, radio and heaven only knows what else and someone had put a garbage bag over the window because of the rain.  When I opened the door and found no glass, I was confused.  Then I started the car and rolled the window up.  In one of the car theft capitals of the world, my mother leaves her car for a week with the window down and someone covered it up for her, taking nothing.  No one else saw a car sitting there for a week with a trash bag for a window and decided to help themselves.  This is Karma.

The reason I describe it as gravity is even simpler.  She seeks out good people.  She sees the good in all people.  She makes most people who know her better people.  She covers the faults of those around her and helps everyone she can.  She suffers her moments of weakness the best she can, brushes the tears from her eyes and doesn’t let the worst of us bring her down.  Sometimes it’s obvious she wishes she could stop being nice.  Sometimes she even says she’s going to.

There is a reason good people seek her out.  If you want more good people in your life, learn from her.  It is an undeniable force.  Develop your own gravity and soon you will have good people floating around you.  Sometimes, when you lose your own sense of gravity, you will have good people to revolve around until you find your own way again.  It is much less magical than “Karma,” when considering why you should do good, but it is the same principle.


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