Learning to look for some good each day is more important than finding it.

There are times when good things happen.  There are times when bad things happen.  There is a strength that only comes out when it rains.  It’s like an umbrella.  There is something to be said about the people who can find that strength.

My life has gone through some ups and some downs.  As I’ve trudged the recent troughs, I’ve had some great people in my life tell me that “everything happens for a reason” and that there’s some greater purpose.  It’s funny that they’re not alluding to some hand from the sky waving a baton and orchestrating my life, but much more directly that I had to be right here right now for something.  Whether there is a great force out there directing my life or if they believe it, my nearest and dearest believe that there is a bigger picture that I was supposed to be in.

The thing that they have taught me is to look for the good in each situation.  One of these people I have known since grade school.  He’s not always great at finding his own silver linings, but every time my own personal storm cloud reappears, he appears with a cup of coffee and a reminder that things will get better. It’s gotten to the point that when I hear thunder, I have to call him and tell him not to drive an hour and wait at the coffee shop for an hour and a half for me to get out of work so that he can help me see the silver lining.  It’s pretty annoying, but refreshing and I am ever thankful for it.

It amazes me that he so often has trouble finding his own silver linings.  What I keep forgetting is that I know how to find my own silver linings too, but in those odd moments of weakness, I sometimes curse the rain.  Like the title reads, it is important to look for the good, but really, when someone brings you an umbrella, be sure to return it someday and thank them.  Invest in an umbrella of your own so you have it when you can’t sing in the rain and so that you have it to help a friend when they need it.


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