I know a bigger winner than the biggest loser

I know a bigger winner than the biggest loser.

Let that sink in.  Laugh about all the pictures in your head.  Get it out of your system.  Get ready for a reality check on reality TV.  Good, laugh about that too.  When you’re ready, proceed.

There’s this kid I met in high school who was overweight.  He was outright fat.  As he got older, it got worse.  He is beginning down a path to healthier lifestyle and weight loss.  He is only at the beginning of his journey, and perhaps I shouldn’t write about it until he succeeds.  Maybe I should edit together the good parts and write scripts for “random people” in his life.  No, instead I am going to tell you he is the biggest winner and demand he live up to that.  I am not going to say his name or tag him in this post, but I will send him the link.

Why is he the biggest winner, if he has only begun the race and is not competing with anyone else?  Because he has begun the race and is not competing with anyone else.  Also, he is sharing his race, his journey, with others.  He is not asking for sponsors or asking that you cheer him on.  He is doing it for himself and, I think, hoping others will cheer him on.  But most importantly(and this may be an entirely unintentional side effect of his own petty personal need for attention, but even if it was, it would be great and set him light years ahead of 99% of the population), he is inspiring others.

Here is a pretty average guy, without the force of a television show or a cash prize or even the promise of celebrity, putting his problem out there for everyone to see.  We all have problems.  None of us is perfect.  Why are we so ashamed of our flaws, that we hide them?  Why are we so terrified of our own flaws, that when others see them, it shakes us to our core?  Certainly a weight problem can’t be hidden in person, but he’s blogging progress and sharing his actual weight.  Would you share your weight if you were obese?  Would you share your mental problems if you bothered to classify them?

I’m a little overweight and am completely embarrassed by it.  I won’t tell you what I weigh.  And that isn’t even my major defect.

Now, I am not saying that “the biggest loser” TV show was wrong for existing.  Perhaps it has encouraged this guy to share.  Perhaps it has shown him what is possible.  Perhaps he thinks he’ll find celebrity at the end of this.  But, what makes this guy better is he’s just doing it.

So in conclusion, all I want to say is “Thank You!” to all you beautiful imperfect people who share your flaws and let all of us “perfect” people know that it’s okay to lay down the mask, take off the costume, and be ourselves.  You have cajones that we all wish we did.

<<After running this post by him, I’ve decided to give you a link to his blog, should you be interested.  http://joezilla316.blogspot.com/.  Also, this is in now way jab or snide remark about any contestant of the TV show.  If anything, I think the girl he mentions in his blog, whom I also knew decades ago, is a true inspiration and I am very glad to see that she is doing well and doing great things.  I just used it for context and emphasis.  We all need to appreciate the people who do it for themselves.>>


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