And on the 8th day…

And on the 8th day, man made oceans.

So, as this is the 8th day of my blog’s creation, I figured I would share part of the meaning of its title.  Regardless of your faith and upbringing, if you are able to read this article off the internet, I feel I can assume you understand the Biblical reference I am alluding to.  You are probably either annoyed that I am giving credit to man for making the oceans or that I am using a Biblical reference at all.  Get over it and follow along anyway.

The “direct” “quote” from the Bible is:

And God said, “Let the waters under the sky be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.

From this simple quote it can be clearly taken that the sea is a single entity.  If you grab a map or a globe, depending on whether you see the world as flat or round, you can confirm at least this much of the Biblical account of things.  I am not trying attack your faith or your lack thereof.  I am simply telling you that the sea is a tremendous body of water and it is all connected.  I don’t know many people who would try to argue that on a factual basis, but even if you disagree with it, let’s take it as a metaphor.

Now that we’ve established the sea as a singular body of water, let’s talk about the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.  Where did they come from?  They are parts of this vast and singular body of water.  Can you draw a line in a glass of water and add sugar to one half and salt to the other?  Somehow or another, we, as a species have divided the sea into oceans.  WE made the oceans.  Not God.  Not Nature.  Man made oceans.

I know it sounds really silly to point this out, but I find it incredibly interesting to wrestle with this idea on the philosophical level.  The sea is far from the only thing we have divided like this.  We have divided all the people of the world into different races.  We have divided the races into different clans, tribes and families.  We have made oceans in the sea of humanity.

I have floated in the Mediterranean and tasted the Indian Ocean.  I have lain beside the Atlantic.  I know each is different.  But I like to remember that each is part of the same.  I like to reflect on the fact that a message in a bottle tossed into any ocean has no boundary to stop it as it drifts across the sea.  We are all human.  So is my sister’s kitten, if we stop drawing boundaries.  Removing the boundaries doesn’t make her human; it only recognizes the humanity that is already there.

And I know some of you skeptics are upset that I would call a cat human, but just remember that the word human is just a boundary.  There was a time when the phrase “All men are created equal” only applied to white males in this country, and then as we evolved, the boundaries within those words slowly shifted.  The boundaries are there still, but slowly fading.  Hopefully I will live to see the day when the boundaries have faded to the point that there is no difference between the phrases “All men are created equal” and “Love life… All of it.”


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