Work at 2AM

For better and worse, I am a nice guy.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the girls I’m interested in and they will all tell you I’m a nice guy.  And as self-defeating as that sounds, I don’t care.  If I am too much of a nice guy for you, then guess what?  I am too much of a nice guy for you and let’s not waste each other’s time.  I tell you what though, the next girl I really want to spend a long time with will want a nice guy to carry sleeping children from the car to the bed.  That, however, is not the rant of the day.

The rant of the day is this.  It is 2 AM.  I am a nice guy.  If you have a hugely traumatic personal issue, call me.  NOW.  No questions asked.  I am a great guy like that.  I say that, not because I am proud and think I am better than your boyfriend, though I probably am if you are considering calling me at 2 AM.  I say that because I care.  I am not this over muscled monster of a macho man, but I will be there whenever I am needed and do whatever is necessary or at least whatever is possible.  I am great at being there for others.

However, do not call me at 2 AM about work.  I do not want to hear it.  At all.  Ever.

Let me be even more clear, if you are one of my amazing coworkers calling to tell me that you are in Vegas and just got married and arrested and you need me to cover your shift tomorrow, I do not consider that a work related issue.  If you are someone I work with, but I still consider a friend and you just got fired, call me, that is not a work related issue.  If you are a beautiful woman and hammered and want to call me for any reason, please do.  Even if it is just about work.  We’ll try to make that a non-work related issue.

But work?  Sometimes when we’re drinking and need to vent, it’s a great topic.  Sometimes you just want to ramble on about work stuff, call me before I start drinking, or at least before I should be drinking.  And if it’s 2 AM and you want to talk about work, show up at my door with a six pack or a bottle.  If it’s important enough to you to get up and drive over here, it’s probably important enough for me to listen to.  If it’s not important enough to you to get up, find alcohol, put everything else out of your mind and come over here, it can wait until tomorrow.


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