Tramp Stamp

Spoiler alert: if you don’t know about Ted’s butterfly and are worried about me ruining an episode of How I Met Your Mother that is 6 years old, stop reading.

In that episode, Ted wakes up with a butterfly tattoo on his lower back.  As silly as it sounds, a tramp stamp is pretty appropriate for Ted.  Ted is a little tramp, much like I am.

To most people who are young enough to use the internet and read blogs like mine, tramp means one thing and one thing only.  Google images strongly disagrees.  Go check out the little tramp on google images and understand how proud I am to consider myself a little tramp.

As the flash of lightning recognition travels through your soul, most people are old enough to have some fond memory of watching a small clip of the little tramp, even if it is just an 8 second video clip cut together with other garbage on youtube.  It makes me tingle with pride, that to this day, my mom has called me “the little fellow”.  I just called to confirm and it was and is just because I was the 2nd child.  I’m still taking it as much more meaningful, since that is what Charlie Chaplin dubbed his most famous character.  I am still amazed that at 33 years old, my mom will still call her mom and talk about “the little fellow.”

Ted Mosbey is very much like the little tramp.

More importantly Ted is much like another tramp: the one with the lady and the spaghetti.  You all know the scene.  Me, Ted and the Little Tramp all agree with that Tramp.  That is what love is.  All love is puppy love.  Maybe it takes a deep inner sense of failure to feel this, or maybe feeling this gives us that deep inner sense of failure, but the ability and need to love like that is something we underachieving survivors seem to share.  There is a magic to someone who can’t understand loyalty because it is the cloth from which we’re cut.

All of us tramps have had good times in the bad times.  We all get by.  We all appreciate the things we have.  We always want more to share and more people to share it with.  We are odd and look a little out of place everywhere.  We are not proud of being different, but comfortable with it.  I can’t explain it but I think I am describing it pretty well.

So let this be my tramp stamp.  I will not be getting a butterfly tattooed on my lower back or anything else.  I am a tramp and in good company.  I am always looking for more company, ladies and tramps alike.


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