Honor them

Imagine that it is Monday night.  Imagine that you have plans for lunch tomorrow.  Imagine that you are meeting loved ones for dinner and a lover after that.

Imagine that it is Monday night, September 10th 2001 and you have plans.

Imagine that it is Tuesday night, September 11th 2001 and you are dead.

No one ate lunch today.  Your loved ones won’t eat dinner tonight or for the next few because you are gone and they can’t even fit that idea down their throats without getting nauseous.  Your lover worked with you and is now gone from this world and her loved ones too.  You hope that maybe you will be together in the next world, but you can’t leave this one to go find her.  It hasn’t hit you yet that this world is not for you anymore.  It hasn’t hit you that this world will never be for you again.  You linger.  Your ghost haunts the ruins.  One day you are wandering in a garden and you don’t know if it’s the memorial they were going to build for you or the entrance to heaven.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

Now imagine that none of that happened.  Imagine that it is 2013 and you have friends and loved ones and a lover.  Honor, not the dead but the living this 09/11.  Honor the living with a moment, an hour, a day of silence.  Kill face book.  Take the battery out of your phone.  This 09/11, have plans to see people.  Make those plans happen without the internet.  Make those plans happen without your phone.  I will be unreachable on 09/11.  I will tell you where I plan to be on facebook long before.  I hope to see you there.  And if you will not make it to me, I hope you see someone else.  Make plans.  See loved ones.  Make love to your lover.  Get outrageously drunk if you don’t have to drive.  Do drugs if that is what you do.  Just do stuff with people.

These words will live on after I am gone.  Do not honor them.  Honor me.  Honor your friends.  Honor the living with your life while they have life.  You need no pictures of what you do.  You need the memories.


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