I wanted to tell you about Anna.  Anna is not one girl, but several.  Anna is the girl I kept meeting at the wrong time.  I know it is incredibly shallow to lump people together like that, but there is good cause.  You see, with Anna, it is always the wrong time because I am with someone else.  Anna therefore gets the label of Anna because I won’t let her get further than that.

It’s not a question of anything else, but the fact that I am monogamous and I will not wonder if I’d be better off with Anna.  And I’m not a coward, so I have no problem telling Anna how awesome she is.  I am a man, so I do not worry that I’ll cheat on my love with Anna.

This is the story of Farooq, but there is a moment between me and Anna, that I do not usually share, that I want to.  I have told the story often enough, but I have always omitted that moment.

We were at the dorm room.  The dorm room on a Thursday night meant there were approximately a gross of beers.  It meant that 4-6 computers had Unreal Tournament loaded with sniper rifles fully zoomed in with random guys swapping into random computers as the night progressed.  It meant that there were several beautiful women and several lovely ladies.  It meant that there were quarters and some drinking game having to do with cards.

This Thursday, just about everybody went out to the parking lot to hang out for a while.  Anna wasn’t interested and neither was I, so we hung back in the living room of the suite styled dorm room just shooting the bull.  We talked for what seemed like forever and no one was coming back.  We figured they may have gotten lost or locked out, as was not terribly uncommon.  So we decided to venture down in search of them.

As we rose off the couch and the futon, our eyes locked.  God, she was beautiful.  She spoke first, breaking that eternal silence, “You really love her…”

Here was a beautiful woman pleading with me.  I will never know if she cared for me or just wanted someone to feel for her like I did for another girl.  Either way the fact that I’d never cheat  made it almost moot.  Almost.  It still stung to think that I may have been making the biggest mistake of my life.

“Yes.  I do”

I stepped forward, gave her a peck on the cheek, grabbed her right wrist with my right hand, turned my back to her, grabbed her left thigh and popped her up on my back.  And we were off to find the guys.

I stepped out of the dorm room with her arms wrapped around my neck, turned left, walked 4 feet to the stairwell and that’s when things went wrong.  The guys were coming up from down stairs, we had just entered the stairwell and we had our little reunion.  This kid was coming down the stairs from upstairs and ran into our little party.  Anna was knocking on the dorm room adjacent to the stairwell and screaming for Farooq to join us, since his name was on the dorm room door.

So now, in a flash, Farooq joined us from upstairs.  Anna was convinced it was him.  Since Anna obviously knew the kid, the guys thought he had come with us.  We all turned and went back to the party.

So now, Farooq was in what must have been some altered state, because he had declared me Jesus due to my wavy shoulder length hair and goatee.  He proceeded to make himself comfortable on the top bunk in one of the dorm rooms.  Then he called one of the guys Osama.  Sure, this guy was brown, about 6’2” had tightly cropped hair and was clean shaven.  I understand where Farooq got confused.

One of the guys was a linesman on the football team and the other guys were not in bad shape too.  Farooq was about 5’7” and 145 pounds.  He was promptly lifted clear from the ground and carried out into the hallway.  The guys just turned around and walked about 6 feet back into the dorm room until that movie perfect moment that they all realized in unison that they forgot to kick his ass.  It was a precious night that I will never forget.

I saw Anna at parties before and after this and it was always and never the same.  I don’t wish I had cheated on my girlfriend with her.  I do not wish Anna falls back into my life.  I do hope that she has someone look at her the way I saw my girlfriend then.  Anna would appreciate it and deserves nothing less.


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