Between Heaven and The Batcave

There was this place I used to hang out.  It was somewhere between heaven and the bat cave.  It was like a lounge on the Death Star where people would get together to share a moment or a coffee or a conversation about advanced algorithms of mathematics, computer science or inter personal relationships.  Those of you who know what I am talking about know what I am talking about.  Those of you who don’t, I am sorry.

There was this girl there.  She had been a member for a brief time.  She, like many others would grab one of the thousands of books or one of her own just sit on the couch while traveling to far away worlds or far away times.    She would just sit there in her sweatshirt, baggy pants and ponytail and melt into books.

This particular day, I believe I was sitting on one of the couches chasing vampires through New Orleans for a few hours when nature called.  As I left New Orleans and returned to the “real” world, I noticed that the cave was getting pretty crowded.  I left my book open to the proper page on my seat and ventured out into the even “realer” world to relieve myself.

When I returned, half my couch was now occupied.  It was a strange feeling that flowed through me.  It was like very mild road rage.  But she was considerate and left half the couch, so instead of sprawling out, like I had before, I sat beside her.  I suppose I could leave my body sitting since I was just going back to New Orleans anyway.

Traveling through books takes longer when you’re uncomfortable.  The fog was rolling in.  The walls of the cave were melting away and the city smells were just hitting my nose as building started to rise from the shadows….tap tap tap.  I just looked at her.  She said something.  I shrugged.  It was hard to hear her over the commotion in the streets of New Orleans.    She turned and disappeared into the shadows to be replaced by a building.  I stretched my feet out on the couch.  The vampires don’t like waiting.

All of a sudden, something was crushing me.  Have to get back to my body.  Quick.  The vampires…


There was a girl lying on top of me.  How did this happen?  Where am I again?  We exchanged the relevant pleasantries.

“My couch.”  “YOUR couch.”  “I told you I’d be back.” “blah blah blah.”

New Orleans wouldn’t wait much longer.  She stayed there on top of me we and went back to reading.  I left for New Orleans.  We fought over that couch most of the day.

Eventually she became the little spoon and I was the big spoon and we’d just disappear to other worlds.  I remember it feeling so natural and comfortable and just working, but now I can’t imagine how arms could possibly have been arranged so that we could both read comfortably.

This repeated itself for a few days and eventually I looked forward to it more than anything else, until I got the lectures and questions.  “You have a girlfriend.” “Why would you cheat on her here, with all her friends around?”  I even got a lecture once about how since I had a girlfriend I was just getting in other peoples’ way even if I wasn’t actually interested.

I walked down there, grabbed Anna and dragged her out into the hall.  “You know I have a girlfriend and I am not looking to cheat on her.  You are just comfortable, comforting and it’s kind of fun wrestling for a couch.”  “Thank God, because I have a boyfriend who’s away and I am not interested in anything.  I thought you were dragging me out here to tell me something else, entirely.”

We only shared a couch for a few brief weeks, but it was awesome.  She was beautiful and incredibly intelligent.  I hope she has found happiness.  And although I can’t say I wish I had her back, I will say that I really hope to find someone whom I can curl up with while we both have our own books and go to our own worlds and all the arms fit.


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