Why so serious?

She smiles.

That is why I love her.

I think women smile more easily, or at least more freely than men do.

I understand that.  If I smile at children I worry that people think I’m a kidnapper or a pedophile.  If I smile at a girl, I worry that people think I’m a perv or interested.  It is so unfair.

Women get to smile at everything all the time.  We as a culture or a species have given up trying to figure out why women smile.  Sometimes it’s mischievous or even genuine anger.  Sometimes it’s joy.  Sometimes it’s pain.  Women just get to smile all day long… at everyone.  Sometime they are pervs or interested!  It is true.  I promise.

I wouldn’t change that for the world.  A woman’s smile is the thing that brightens the darkest days.

I have seen women throw up their smile like a shield.  It disarms men and makes them think.  Some women are so good they can literally stop men in their tracks.  There’s this customer at work who has one of those smiles that makes me wish I’d run into her elsewhere just because I refuse to ask a customer out at work.  She has amazing eyes too, but I digress.

Probably the only thing that makes work bearable these days is that 11 out of 12 days, I work with women who smile the moment I arrive.  It makes arriving at work bearable and then once I get into the swing of things, it’s okay.  But that momentary meaningless smile of greeting they offer is a deciding factor in going to work most of the time.  They are good smilers.

There’s little I can offer as to why their smiles mean so much.  I often wonder if I am the only one who thinks so. I think it may be that I can see a little more about them when they smile.  Maybe I just like feeling recognized.  I know we’ve all talked about how great it would to be invisible, but I would much rather see these women see me, than any benefit invisibility could grant.

This is also the reason I smile at children.  I swear I am not a pedophile and will not kidnap your children.  I just want to see them smile and enjoy life.  I want to see their eyes sparkle when they learn something.  I want to see them stop crying when they realize they can just get up and go on with their day as soon as they are done having their temper tantrum.

These are things I wish I was better at.  I don’t know why I let incompetent jerks who do not know how to drive get under my skin so much.  It will ruin my day.  I wish I could just enjoy the simple things in life, like running around in a circle for hours.  Do you know what great shape I’d be in right now?  So while I go work on that, would you do me a huge favor? Just smile.  This world needs more smiles so that I can randomly run across more.

They are contagious.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to go get some lipstick and write “Why so serious?” on every mirror I encounter.


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