Let’s be clear.

Jeannette is an amazing person.

I am not “in love” with her.

Her awesomeness and in no small part, the synchronicity of noticing her and my divorce lit up portions of my brain that I thought were dead.  Long dead.  It was a “clean” divorce if that makes any sense, and although the pain bred animosity, I think that is dead now too.

That is not to say I couldn’t fall for her and that I don’t feel like I want to every now and then.  I will explain that someday soon.

But anyway, the girl makes me remember what it’s like to fall in love.  She makes me long for that feeling.  When I was working up to jumping out of an airplane,  it hit me that there were similarities.

Since my life is in an odd place right now(picture that tunnel with Gene wilder), I am not going to blog about the day to day and instead am going to throw a poem at you about falling that I wrote right after skydiving.

…Poem moved to separate entry…


WARNING: Falling in love is far more dangerous than skydiving, because the chute only opens if you both pull the cord at the same time.


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