Drawing faith

Causality is the easiest thing to have faith in.  Drawing faith from it is the true challenge and the greatest gift life can ever offer.

I have a friend who I have to call every single time I have a truly bad day.  I have to call him not because I need to vent or because I need someone to listen.  I have facebook for that.

I have to call him and tell him not to drive an hour and sit in a coffee shop for hours until I get out of work and be there waiting for me.  I call him a brother, even though he comes from one of my other mothers, but really he is so much more than a brother could ever be.  He is a friend.

Siblings come with an inherent relationship.  By default, they are your longest relationships in this life.  Although your parents were certainly there from the start, for most of us, our siblings will make it further down the road with us than our parents get to.  As a result, we learn each others quirks and even when there is animosity, there is a recognition of familiarity and there is always the promise of the length of the relationship to help us smooth out the bumps or at least ignore some.

This guy, however, has all that.  I’ve known him for more than two decades and if I could’ve I definitely would’ve wrung his neck at some points.  There’s even a moment from my bachelor party that I probably should’ve wrung his neck for(No, I will NEVER let that go, but really it worked out for the best and even thinking about it makes me laugh).  He is a brother to me in that regards, but he is a friend  and that means so much more.

On the flip side, my baby sister(and she will always be my baby sister), is also a friend.  It’s funny that her being a friend is as important as my friend being my brother.  But it is certainly true.  We can talk about anything.  We can suspend our bickering and teasing and be seriously there for each other as friends.  We can fight and annoy each other(because that really goes both ways… not!) but we defend each other to the end like siblings.

There are many other truly incredible people in my life.  There are people who make me laugh when I just want to be angry.  There people who can infuse Adamantium into my skeleton with a simple smile.  There are people who turn into angry green monsters willing to “SMAAAAAASH!!!!” anything in my way.  People there are who give wisdom backwards in sentence.  I have an entire array of heroes at my beck and call.

None of that is the point of this blog post.

What I want to get at is that although things blow up in my life to the point where I think I must’ve been Hitler in a past life to deserve everything that rains down on me, I must have been a saint also to deserve the people I have.

Setting past lives aside, though, I have numerous flaws that I need to work on and they are certainly responsible for the current state of my life.  The amazing thing, however, is that I must have done some amazing things in my life to have these people in it.  That gives me faith.

Faith is slippery and it wavers and always these people show up and make me wonder what I did to deserve them.  Thank you.  Thank you to my personal squad of superheroes.  I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, but you give me faith that I’ve done something right.

Now, time to start doing more things right.


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