Let BatKid have his damn wish!

The greatest sin of all time was the crucifixion.

As a non-religious person, I have no problem inflaming a riot about religious topics.  I am sorry it offends you, but not sorry that I’m saying it.  I am not trying to alienate anyone and hope that the religious and atheist alike can appreciate what I am talking about.

Recently, the Make a Wish Foundation did one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life.  They got thousands of people to give a 5 year old child his dream.  They let him live a day pretending he was Batman and gave him missions and I must say it was heartmelting.  They asked a 5 year old boy who fought his leukemia into remission what he wished for more than anything.  He wanted to be BatKid.  They gave him that wish and now some idiots are trying to take that away.

Rolling Stone Magazine will now take him and pin him to a cross.  Rolling Stone will nail his little hands and feet to a cross and raise him up in the air for all to see as the poster boy to incite riots against republican politicians who supported and were moved by the charity and generosity.

And you know what?    They will get away with it.  We all love the story of the victim.  The story of the underdog is always a great read.  It is always a blockbuster movie.  It always becomes an internet sensation.  I call on you not to let them.  Let the entire world know that what Gotham needs is not another “Jesus Christ.”  Hell, we don’t even need Batman.  We need that little boy.

We need THAT little boy.  We need a child who barely understands life and death and only knows that he wants to live.  We need a child who needs us.  We need a child who wants to save people and believes in heroes.  We need a child that probably knows what it feels like to be more sick than most of us will ever understand. We need a child that, thanks to thousands of grown-ups, knows what it feels like to feel better than most of us ever have.

Fuck you, Rolling Stone, for pinning him to a cross.

Let’s not get into the horrible misrepresentation that Obamacare is what has been taking care of this child.  Let’s not get into the vilification of people for holding conflicting views and trying to balance between them.  Let’s not get into the insanity of disrespecting people for understanding the differences between wants and needs, the possible and impossible and the realm of private charity and of public subsidization.  You may not agree with any of the politicians(I agree with NONE of them), but stop calling for a lynch mob while you wave around a 5 year old nailed to a cross and blame republicans.

And perhaps this will assuage some of the Christians that stumble across here, or maybe it will incite them more, but if(and I’m not saying he didn’t) Jesus Christ walked the earth and taught so many great lessons, they were great lessons before he got nailed to the cross too.  I understand the power of the imagery and wish it weren’t so with Jesus Christ or BatKid.  I fell in love with the stories of BatKid, Martin Luther King and Mohandas K Gandhi long before I knew what society would do to them.

Do not nail this kid to a cross.  Remember him as BatKid.

Please.  It was his wish.


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