Gold on the Horizon

Let me disappoint you.
Now and forever, let me disappoint you. 

Always believe that I am better than I can be and I will try to get there.

Always look on me with those sparkling eyes of wonder
…and be disappointed that I will never be as good as you see me.

Let me be “that gold on the horizon”
…just as you are and ever will be mine.

Let me be the sunset at the end of a long day
… and you can be the sunrise at the end of a longer night

We may be as far apart as sunrise and sunset
… but the two are always together

The horizons may never meet, but they never need to
… and no one can ever see the space between them

The space between them is all we ever have…
it is where we live, it is where we love…
it is where we climb, it is where we fall…
it is where we live, it is where we die…

But forever, forever look to the horizon…

The gold at the end of the rainbow may be within reach…
… But gold on the horizon never needs to be found…

The gold on the horizon is where it belongs…
at the edge of the earth, on the tip of your finger…
at the center of the solar system…

and more than the whole world spins around it…


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