Don’t hate me for what the terrorists do

Asexual beings don’t care if you’re sexual.

Asocial beings don’t care if you’re social.

Atheistic beings don’t care if you’re theistic.

I am an atheist.  I don’t care if you believe in God.  As a matter of fact, I am incredibly proud of the faith some of my friends and family have in God.  I don’t believe there is a sentient force that wills the universe into existence or motion or anything else.  I believe that if I have faith that things will turn out right, they will turn out righ.

Actually, that is a lie.  I have faith that if I believe things will turn out wrong, they will turn out wrong.  I think most people can see the difference very clearly, but I will use the rest of this paragraph to narrow the focus.  There are a million quips about being positive.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like some cheery hocus pocus nonsense.  I’ve been on this insanely positive kick about positivity and it makes sense in my belief structure.  I make a conscious effort to be positive because this world is negative.  Negativity is easy.  However, you cannot achieve more than you decide and believe you can do.  You may never live up to what you decide and believe, but you will never live beyond it.

If you believe that you cannot cross the ocean, you will never try.  If you believe it possible, you may fail, but you can try.  People do the impossible every day, but only by believing it is possibly possible.  I am not saying that people didn’t set out on hopeless journeys and get lost and possibly fall off the edge of the earth, but that the people who crossed the ocean, had enough belief to have hope.  Hope is just a little belief.  I admire the hopeful.  I admire the people who look at the sea or space or the human mind or body and see “the other side.”  There is a true respect in me for the dreamer in you.

If the relevance needs to be explained, you will probably simply revile the notion without understanding.  However, let me put this simply.  I do not believe in God.  I have no proof he is not there.  You have no proof(that I will put my faith in), that he exists.  If you want to hate me for that, please do.  I do not hate you for putting your faith in God.  Gravity is a theory.  Language is really only theory too(the theory being that if we agree on definitions I can transfer to you an understanding of the complex thought processes of my mind.  Is it working?).  All human knowledge is a collection of theories.  Theories do not require our belief in order to be true.  God may be your theory of how everything came to be and is run.  I actively try not to test the theory of gravity on a regular basis and I will not ask for your test results on this “God Theory.”  We can live in peace.

If I was an antitheist, I would actively fight you on the issue as to whether God exists.  I would post pictures and quotes on my facebook page to hide behind the banner of an army of “Atheists”.  I would not use my own words, because that would open genuine dialogue.  I would attack churches not for their outcomes, but sneak inside to blow up their pillars of beliefs.  I would be your common terrorist.  I would use fear of being rejected in a world where science dominates to cow you into silence.

This is what terrorists do.  They hide behind the banner, commonly, it seems, of Islam these days and give all Muslims a bad name.  As an actual atheist, I hate them as much as I hate the few of my brown brothers that make me wish I was white(or I guess Chinese… but a Russian accent would be so cool).

This is my call for peace.  This is my call to out the terrorist antitheists onto the world stage.  Please, explain the difference between the two to anyone who calls themselves an atheist.  Out them publicly.  They do not deserve to hide behind my label.  But only do this if you agree that peace is the answer.  Do this if you think Hindu and Jew and Christian and Muslim and Atheist and all the others can exist without attacking each other.  We do not have to accept the beliefs of others, only the belief of others.

The extension of this, however, is that if you want to make peace with others, agreements have to be made that transcend the differing belief systems.  Muslims and Christians, for example, have to agree on the disposition of pork.  Although the fundamental belief does not have to be agreed upon, the end results need to mesh.  If the Muslims and Christians we were describing lived in villages separated by a 2 day ride on horseback, the agreements are simple.  If they are integrated in a worldwide web of commerce and communication, the agreements become more complex.  If they integrate into a single governmental structure to make rules that regulate both groups, there must be secular discussion.

This country is not a melting pot, but a tossed salad.  We have millions of belief structures.  If we are going to be an integrated community with an integrated governmental structure, it must be secular.  It does not have to be atheistic.  So, I am begging all atheists to separate church and state.  Stop.  If there is a problem with the state, with the government, it ought to be kept a secular issue.  Whining about religions wastes of time, so all my atheist friends, please remember that and keep the debate secular.

All you antitheists should convert to something or just disappear into the background or die.  If you’re looking to convert, I can recommend atheism, it’s fun and easy and, most importantly, peaceful.  In the meantime, I would appreciate if you would stop using my label.  Also, if all the brown terrorists would peel off their skin before anyone knows who they are, that’d be great. Thanks.


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