All I want in life is to lay my head in the lap of a beautiful woman and for her to lazily stroke my neck or rub my shoulders or scritch my head while she tells me about her day.  I am a puppy.  I understand how doing this makes a puppy feel loved.  I understand loyalty and love like a puppy.  You can yell at me and be mean to me and I will never think that it means you don’t love me.  You can hit me and all I will feel is that I did something to make you unhappy.  If you scritch my head later because you’re sorry, I will forgive you anything.  If you scritch my head too soon or too well I will never learn.  Really, you don’t have to hit me at all, all you have to do is sound sad and not scritch me.  I don’t care if he has tanks or if there are 18 guys attacking you.  I don’t care if I’m a lap dog or a fat lazy old dog.  When you are in danger, the fangs and claws and growls come out.   I will not stop until you are safe or I am dead.  I hate playing fetch.  You don’t see me picking up sticks and building damns in the back yard.  I don’t collect tennis balls and save them.  I bring them to you when I think you should play.  I play fetch with you when you need to be happy or you want to lazily think while feeling like you are doing something.  I could care less about tennis balls and sticks.  I am glad it makes you feel happy and will do anything for that.  There are few things in life I care about, but they mean everything to me.  I want this stick.  I don’t want a car, I want to chase cars.  I care less about the finish line and more about the race.  I want freedom and companionship at the same time.  Sometimes it involves a leash, but even then the leash is not ownership or control, but a way of communicating.  Cats are dumb.  Love is reality and a two way street.  I want adoration, not admiration.  I am a dog.  I am a puppy.  We don’t have to understand each other, just love.


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