They can have my wedding ring

Could you imagine if one of the twin towers survived?  What would you feel when you looked at her?  Could you imagine how she felt after 30 years?  Were they lovers?  Which would be worse?

They were a marriage of souls conceived by a million ideas and thousands of hands.  At some point they were just an idea in a single mind.  I know it is a personal topic to many people, and it certainly is for me, and I do not disrespect the memories of the dead by using this analogy lightly.  I am speaking of the buildings themselves, however.

My wedding ring hangs on a ribbon in front of the picture of the towers that hangs in my living room.  I won’t wear the ring, but I am loathe to get rid of it.  It has immense personal value to me.  I am not sure how it was received, but my mother saw it and seemed upset by my having it and hanging it.  My sister thinks I should sell it and I probably will one day.

In the interim, the almost random way in which I chose to hang it just where I did is another perfect lesson.  Somehow, that is where it belongs.  The first thought that lead to the hanging of the ring was the realization of how fateful September 11th was for my marriage.  Somehow I felt that placing the ring there would grant me perspective.  It has.

I will explain some of the perspective in the next few days, but for now, the tidbit I want to share is this.

There was always a space between them, yet no one could come between them.  It didn’t matter where you stood, every photograph has both.  Every memory of one is of both.  They never became one building or one thing.  They never changed for each other.  They were different, yet belonged together.  They were similar, but each complete and true to themself.  There was no reason there couldn’t have just been one, but they needed each other.  If they had never met, each would have been a strong and beautiful thing by themselves.  After 30 years together, one couldn’t survive 29 minutes without the other.  Perhaps if they could have saved one, both would have made it.

They can have my wedding ring.  I want a marriage like that.


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