When you leave me alone with your girlfriend…

So, the other night I was left alone with a beautiful woman for about 5 minutes.  We weren’t really alone, we were surrounded by dozens of people and tons of “uhntiss.”  Somehow we ended up Continue reading


Armed to the tongue

Anyone who has ever had to write something to advance their career will appreciate the value that writing professionally has to offer.  The rest of you should open your eyes and realize that emails and resumes are things that you ought to write professionally in order to advance your career.

That being said, I am refining a plan for parenting that I would like some genuine criticism on.  I think that when I have children they will be taught to request things in writing.  Continue reading


To the lovey dovey couple that posted this last week

The other day, two of my Facebook friends, who were once friends in real life posted some lovey dovey trope about “the couples that are meant to be.”  And as the mushy single guy who’s always respected these two individually and have never really gotten close enough to see their nuts and bolts I am revolted.  Not the way you think I am, but I want to explain…  First, let’s start with the post: Continue reading