I Walk the Line

Daily Prompt: Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

I am a goldfish in so many ways. I really only have one principle or value I can focus on at a time. It’s generally a pretty good one.

The current principle at the center of me is … just watch the video…

It is hard to explain the power of Karma. Karma is neither good nor bad. Karma is such a simple premise. As an atheist, I subscribe to karma on a logical and rational level. I am a firm believer that you are condemned or gifted the world you create.

I have my sad days where I am disappointed with where my life is sometimes, but then I look at my friends and realize two amazing things. First of all, I realize that I have some amazing people who will look at for me. You know how they say that friends help you move and real friends help you move bodies? I have friends that will kill people and never tell me about it, let alone where the bodies may be. It is a gift to have people like that in my life. The power of karma gives me the second thing. It reminds me that I deserve these people. I would do the same for them. If I am the kind of people that deserves these people, I guess I’m doing okay.

The other nice thing about karma is that when I need it, it reinforces me, but in general the scientific method reinforces it. As I see more and more causality in the world, a more concrete belief in Karma becomes inevitable for me.

Although it is very comforting, it is also kind of controlling, because I really try not to wish bad things on people. I try not to hurt people. I try not to be angry or spiteful. The deepest and sweetest revenge I aim for is ignoring people. I can maintain a professional and cool demeanor and convince myself not to lift a finger to help someone. I don’t know if I could let someone literally get hit by a train, but I can convince myself to let them be in the world they create, which sometimes does involve trains. It’s hard to stick to the no ill-wishing, but heck I try and Karma, she knows I try so, hopefully she’ll take it easy on me.

When I lose sight of the line, I try to find a new one. There’s definitely one person I look to when I am trying to find guidance. A friend of mine once commented on how hard it is to find a picture of him with a serious face and how refreshing that was. It’s true. Go Google for a serious picture of the Dalai Lama.

Perhaps this is too simple a model for an adult. But it works for me. There is no complicated rule set. There are never two ideas in conflict. The world will balance itself. I just have to worry about me and my loved ones. And when it comes to myself and them, the only thing I have to remember or remind them of or help them with is keeping their hands and noses clean, so that when Karma rolls the world around, she doesn’t hit anyone I love.


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