Some people keep statues
Of goddesses
On pedestals

Some people find them

My Goddesses are on beaches
Toes in the sand
Head in the clouds

My Goddesses are in forests
Rooted in the earth
Protecting from the sun

My Goddesses are everywhere
To be worshiped
To be loved

My Goddesses are pedestals
And shade trees
And palm trees

My Goddesses have scars
The initials of other lovers carved in their bark
The wounds of foolish woodsmen slowly healing

My Goddesses grow every day
They find wisdom and strength in the manure all around them
They find love and joy in the sunlight and the breeze

My Goddesses bend this way and that
Whenever the storms roll in they shake and rattle, but never quiver
When the storms roll out, they usually stand, slightly stooped as if to say it’s okay.

My Goddesses are mortal
Sometimes they do not survive the storm
Sometimes they do not last forever

My Goddesses are eternal
For some become books and poems and stories
And others become campfires and memories and fertilizer


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