A Fairytale Warning

Dear Princess Nex,

As we set out upon this dangerous road, I feel I should warn you to the grave peril we will face along the way. Although we will each end up in a beautiful palace with a son and daughter and live happily ever after, like all fairytales, we will face dragons and demons, witches and curses.

In this land of sunshine, there lurks the fearsome Beast of Commitment. This wretched creature causes lesser men to tremble to their very bones. Once it has set it’s fangs in your flesh, no amount of shaking and fighting will set you free. The only way to escape once it latches on is to stab it repeatedly with the Dagger of Betrayal. There is however, a secret way to neutralize this threat. If you should find the courage and trust me, if you stare it deeply in the eyes and swear to defend it, it will walk beside you more faithfully than any of your hunting hounds.

There will be witches and their minions about. Many times they will be hard to recognize. The only consistent identifier among the witches and their minions are the green eyes. Sometimes they will be beautiful women and sometimes they will be charming knights. They will come disguised as brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. They will spit venom and tear down every person you travel with. They will do anything they can to separate you from everyone else. Beware of anyone who questions your choices in partnerships. Sometimes they will offer great advice and not every person who offers help along the way will be a loyal friend, but sometimes they may even be other witches.

When anyone offers help, listen. You do not need to accept the help or the advice, but listen. Hear it for what it is and make your own choice again. Those that are truly there to help you will tell you all they see and ask you to consider and reconsider everything. Those who tell you what to do, where to go and who to stay away from, are the people you should be wary of and perhaps run away from. Don’t run from them because I told you so, but consider the advice.

The most dangerous thing we will face on this journey is far more sinister than goblins and ogres. The greatest danger lies within me. It is inside of me and it is inside of you. Perhaps the better description is that it IS you and it IS me. I will never be able to speak as fast as I do and as clearly as you need. You will never let loose the words that terrify you. Together, we will each tumble through this adventure, never knowing the other. I can write poetry and craft fairytales. You can balance the world and dance like no one’s watching. Perhaps it is best that the closest we will ever come to this passionate and amazing adventure is this fairytale.

Or perhaps you will read this fairytale and heed all its warnings but insist on continuing your quest. Perhaps you are the curious and passionate person that you were born to be and will grab my hand and we’ll set off into the world to a song that is sung by animated animals. Perhaps we will find our sunrise and live happily ever after.


3 thoughts on “A Fairytale Warning

    • I am so glad you enjoyed reading it. I have no idea what it is or where it came from, but it was fun to write. I wasn’t sure anyone would “get it”. Thanks for letting me know.

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