Online Dating?

So, I was talking to a friend on this past weekend and I mentioned Jeannette and the signs of the universe. I was expecting to be called a “faggit” or a retard(in that endearing army way), but was instead given a validating and eye opening discussion.

Suffice it to say that on top of the other reasons that I had already realized Jeannette was not the one for me, I was informed in clear English why the mechanics of a young relationship would never work with people like she and I.

Bottom line, I went to a funeral two weeks ago which had profound effects on me. Ken was a great man and I do not disrespect his memory at all, but I tip the hat to him once again for reuniting me with an old friend. I’ve known her for 18 years and she’s been with this guy for 10 years and I sat and talked to him for hours and I finally get it.

You see, he’s the kind of person that makes 20 year friends and those are the kind of people I want. It made me realize that Jeannette should be a 20 year friend. I really hope she becomes one.

The universe also gave me another sign. I joined OKC almost 2 years ago. I attempted to contact 2 women on there and it never went anywhere. While I was having this conversation, I got a message on my phone through the OKC app. It’s interesting because I still don’t know if the app has to be open for me to get a message or if I was listed as “online” or what. But there it was, despite the fact that I haven’t actually looked for anyone on there in ages and even then not much. Thank you universe.

At 1 AM on a Saturday night while I am searching for some truth about love and relationships, a cute girl sends me a message about waffles. So I checked out her profile a little bit and I was fascinated. First of all, she looks absolutely different in the different pictures she’s posted, but cute. The first one is a little mischievous but inviting, “let’s have a flirty but deep conversation” look. A couple of pictures that say “look at me, I’m a normal person.” The last one however just says “I’m comfortable with who I am and it’s all good.” I should find some more pics of myself at some point and toss em up there.

Much more importantly she seems an almost bipolar vegetarian and enjoys baking for the same reason I do. She seems to have similar mischievous thoughts and it is kind of exciting and worrisome that getting to know her may make me a little bit more of a troublemaker than I already am. She seems deep enough and intelligent enough to understand me. I am not sure I am interesting enough for her to bother.

So anyway, I’m going to go bake some white cake cupcakes with cinnamon and hint of nutmeg and fill them with my stove top apple pie filling. And frost them with an attempt at fluffier cream cheese frosting with a little extra vanilla. I haven’t baked anything since the great depression of April, 2014. Thank the stars that’s over.

While I do that I will be contemplating sending this girl a link to this post, or my poetry section and letting her stumble this way if she so chooses.

Perhaps it is better to play the game like a normal guy.

Who am I kidding? Cheh… Normal guy… playing games… so overrated…

Regardless, babe, if you ever end up here, I hope you feel the same way and appreciate that I used my brain and backbone to draw some lines and sort my baggage before “we” went anywhere. And that is directed to you, whether you’re the cute chick from OKC or anyone else I end up dating. I am sorting things out as quick as I can.  I am sorry I couldn’t deal with my baggage sooner and our trip has been delayed.

Edit: Apple Pie a la mode Cupcakes, just to prove I really do bake 🙂

Apple Pie Cupcakes


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