Wondering eyes

I’m going to be a jerk now, but if my voice has any credibility to you, please read the whole post before you get mad at me.

First of all, I am a man and I will look at women who offer up their sexual traits for the ogling. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. This is absolutely natural and you need to learn to deal with it. I am not saying I am not above my basic urges. I am simply stating that it is a biological imperative for the aggressors of sexual action to notice traits that are beneficial to the continuation of a species. This includes wide hips, fully developed mammary glands and an urge of the incubating sex to engage in mating behavior.

That being said, I think the traits most important for the continuation of species are between your ears. If we are talking and having a good time and generating valuable pair bonding connections, I will be absolutely lost to the universe. There is so much more to you than your body, I hope.

I know it makes you feel great and wonderful when you are noticed for your body. It must really turn you on when a man notices the swing of your hips, your developed mammary glands and your urge to incubate his young. No? So why does it make you feel good when men ogle you? Why do you get dressed up and show off any of those traits? Why do you get upset when men, and I mean real men with functional minds that care about you, get their eyes pulled in some random direction for a second. Is it because you realize that perhaps you are nothing more than a sexual conquest and a better trophy has walked by? If I am ever sitting across the table from you and that thought crosses your mind, the date’s over, but it already should have been. It has little to do with my “wandering eyes” and more to do with the lack of a connection beyond the eyes.

I do not speak for the men you’ve dated. It sounds like you’ve been dating some lower lifeforms, really, but If you ever date a man like me, don’t hold this nonsense against me. I’m not dating you so that you’ll incubate my young. I want kids. I really, really, really want kids, but that’s not how I see you. I want kids with a woman who builds me up and holds me up. I want kids with a woman whose eyes contain the infinite. I want kids with a woman whose mind wanders and whose soul will do the hard work.

However when I see an incubator walk by my eyes may wander. And if you ever see a stroller and your eyes glaze over, even for an instant, it’s for much the same reason.

No need to apologize.

So, baby, get dressed up in your short skirt or tight jeans. Throw on those heels that give your hips a better swing and your calves a better curve. Show off some shoulders and cleavage. Enjoy getting noticed. Feel validated as a sexual being. Demand deeper connections from lovers and friends. Set your limits and boundaries. I believe in independent and empowered women. However, understand that it all comes at a price. When we go out, it is absolutely okay if some man’s eyes wander over to you and if your eyes wander off at some pretty thing. Give me that same courtesy and lets connect on a much deeper level.

Let the eyes wander. Do not worry until the eyes wonder.


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