they always say:

there’s plenty of fish

…in the sea

there are

i promise

there are plenty

at the aquarium

and the pet store

the thing is

i’ve just met one

like a kid in a pet store

i know which one’s for me

“Not that one! The fast one! That’s smiling!”

as an adult i know better

here’s a new species

not new, really

but long thought extinct

how does one choose?

how do you pick a fish?

can she be your friend?

is she just another fish

to be admired through glass walls

this one’s a mermaid.

she speaks.

she is beautiful and intelligent.

sarcastic enough.

cooks and bakes.

there’s a million little things.

but if it doesn’t work out…

if i am just another fish to her

or a terrifying predator

a fisherman or a shark

it’s okay

i’ve seen a mermaid

for the first time in years

i wasn’t crazy

i can wait

i can’t wait.


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