Dress Codes

Why is it that people don’t send their little boys to school in midriff tops and speedos? If they did, do you think the boys would be sent home and asked to comply with the school dress code? All you feminist parents, please let me know how that works out for ya. Remember the basketball shorts from the 70’s? Whatever happened to those? When did this oppression begin!

Every now and then I see posts about a girl getting sent home or forced to change because she violated dress code with a skirt that was too short, or some such nonsense. Immediately there is the response that this is unfair and oppressive. Someone always invokes Hitler. Rape, I mean rape. Someone always invokes rape, because you can’t argue against a rapist. They may as well invoke Hitler. Oh yeah, they do that too.

You know what people, I am going to argue on the side of Hitler and rapists today.

First of all, when people say that dress codes are creating a victim blaming culture, I just want to laugh at the hypocrisy or thank you. Do you teach your children to walk around and show off all of their nice jewelry to every person on the street? Do you teach your children to pull out fat rolls of money and count it in public? Do you teach your children to leave windows open and doors ajar? None of those things create thieves, but they alter victim selection of existing predators. You can argue against centuries of evolution and simple logic, but there are patterns that influence victim selection and I hope to teach my children to live within the safest parameters of the herd. We all feel sorry for the slowest gazelle, because we “know what’s coming.” That is not blame. That is not saying that slow gazelles make lions out of house cats. It is a simple fact and if you want to teach your children to be the slowest gazelle or the lowest hanging fruit, go ahead. It puts more of your kids between predators and mine and I am okay with that. I’d be absolutely happy slaughtering the predators too, but in the meantime and because we’ll never know if we got them all, I want to thank you for teaching your gazelle to stop and look in the mirror and whine about the rules.

Secondly, Hitler advocated uniforms and uniformity in an attempt to create forces that were unified. The uniformity helped to iron out wrinkles in his financial and social plans for the country. By creating that uniformity he was creating a more “fair” and “equal” society. That is one of the primary goals of uniformity and of income redistribution. There are similarities and differences between fascism and socialism, but this really isn’t one. It also doesn’t seem the conservatives and republicans post too much railing against school dress codes. Perhaps the liberals and democrats should honor their roots and stop using examples that are similar to themselves as examples of where things went wrong. I accept that you are entitled to your opinion and the military industrial complex and big business government are horrible things, but figure out how to use those as examples instead of someone who would be a card carrying democrat if he wasn’t trying to seize control of the country by regulating business and disarming the populace… oh wait…

If you can invoke Hitler and victim blaming as a valid argument against dress codes, you can’t really just dismiss the previous points, as “silly” as they may sound to you, because then you can be dismissed with the word “silly” too. You brought it up. However, if you think that the initial claims are silly and are willing to dismiss them, let’s get on to the important thing here.

My children will be taught that their bodies are not what others should like about them. They will be taught to be active and fit(not skinny) because this is the body they are going to be living in for a while. They will be taught that if someone sees your face before your soul, there is no need to worry about if they even think, never mind what about. If anyone sees their body before their face, my children will be taught to avoid the animals.

It breaks my heart that we live in a world that is going to try and teach my daughter that she should wear less clothing than my son. We are making a world where that is the norm and the measure of progressiveness. What is wrong with us? I hope I never have to explain to my children how victim selection happens at college parties, but the drunkest girl with the shortest skirt is the lowest hanging fruit. If my son ever grabs the lowest hanging fruit he’s dead. Not just to me, either. It will mean that I raised a predator and someone else raised a low hanging fruit. My failure will be the worse, by far. If my daughter ever becomes the lowest hanging fruit, I will have failed, horribly, but not as much. It would be nice if things weren’t that simple, but they are.

I am a man who has spent my formative years in a culture that has rapidly and steadily devolved into sexualizing women’s fashion and somehow converted the feminist movement that burned bras and sought equality into a movement that would be happy with women wearing only bras after having their breasts “augmented.” Where did we go wrong? Everywhere. It is all wrong. I mean I see a great pair of legs and I get a little interested. I think women wearing little skirts and showing some skin is attractive. I do. I won’t lie. But, really, I find it distracting from the important stuff that comes across from the neck up. I think creating women who understand that their greatest assets are above the neck would be great. I love girls who express their freedom in their words and actions and not their clothing and make up. Certainly physical attractiveness is nice, but if it was what mattered to me, the internet is full of substitutes.

Instead of railing against dress codes, can we start railing against the cultural norms that have made it sexist? Lets create a culture where little boys and little girls want to run and play together. Let’s create a culture where 2 year old girls aren’t in 2 piece bathing suits. I don’t care if they’re topless or fully covered at that age. This thing where it’s “oh so cute” that the little girls are in bikinis is part of the problem. It’s not cute, it’s creating a culture of divergent fashion norms that is unhealthy for all of us. Let’s get back to what gender equality really means and let’s get back to the world where kids are kids.

Sometimes the freedom to create inequality is used to create inequality. Pick your poison, if you want, but I think we should balance the two. Let us raise children who choose to be equal and fair of their own free choice. Let us raise children who do not need dress codes to tell them what parts of themselves to value. Let us raise children who do not need to rail against rules just because they are there. Let us raise our children up above the society we’ve let come into existence.


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