speak love

is love found
like a lost key
to a hidden lock

is love made
like a dessert
to just sweeten things

is love gained
like the interest
on an investment


is love lost
like a puppy
who runs away

is love lost
like a castle
crumbling to sand

is love lost
like the price
of a bad gamble


love is simply recognized
like a long lost lover from the past or the future
like a long forgotten song that has never been heard
like the smell of shampoo from a bottle in a store

love is simply confused
like the eye of a hurricane, just a moment’s reprieve
like the calm before a storm, the clouds blotting out the sun
like a complex riddle, solved only once

it neither comes nor goes
it neither shrinks nor grows
it is immutable
it is un-mutable

open your eyes
open your ears
open your heart
open your mouth

see love
hear love
feel love
speak love



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