Dearest Star…

,ɿɒƚƧ ƚƨɘɿɒɘᗡ

It has been almost fifteen years since my eyes last rested upon your face. I have no right to demand anything of you, even that you read this letter. I am entitled to no response or notice if you do read this letter. I demand nothing of you, however I do hope for a response.

I am not seeking to rekindle any old flame. I am not even asking to rekindle an old friendship.

I am stating, for all the world to know, that fifteen years ago, I knew a great soul. You were and I am sure, still are, far from perfect, so do not take it as flattery. But, you had a fire in your soul that I’ve rarely seen matched, no matter what the rest of you did to tame and shade it. I am simply saying how it is.

I am always hoping to meet that flame, whether in you or others. Whether as in friendship or simply watching a beautiful girl dance on stage playing the violin like she’s a fluttering moth lost in her own music.

In these hopes, I offer the most sincere of apologies. I’ve offered my words to the winds several times in hopes of absolution. I have found peace with my mistakes. I offer my apologies to you, in hopes that if I left any scars on your heart, I can help them fade. I hope this offer does not tear any old wounds or cause any new ones. Even as I write this, I am scared to send it to you for fear of that. Fifteen years is a long time, but I know that some loves, especially first loves, can stay with you. Perhaps it was easier for you to let go. Perhaps I am not the first love in the pages of your memories.

I am sorry for letting my weakness pull me away from you. It was my mistake. I offer this apology without the search for forgiveness.

,ƨyɒwlɒ ɘvo⅃


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