Dog Ears

I saw you
You had scars on your face
    and stains hidden deep inside
I picked you up and held you close
I brushed my fingers across your face
I felt the roll of your spine

I flipped through your pages
    wondering what I’d find
There was a blank postcard
“Was it somewhere you’d been or where you were going?”
“Did the last man who held you, cherish you
and take you wherever he went?”
“Did a women love you while she sipped wine
in a bathtub in France?”

Every book tells a story with its words
and another with its pages
But every book has her own story
    that gets richer as she ages

I am looking for a book of fairytale.
I want a princess to carry into ever after
who dreams of tomorrow
I want a story that I can read again and again
    finding more each time
I want a story that may have pain and sadness
but is a story of triumph and joy
I want a story that teaches me who I am
    even as I get to know her
I may find you on the discount rack of a used book store

You may wonder how you got there
or be sad and miserable that you are there
A million men may pass by without a glance.
A few may pick you up
and judge you by your cover
Some may take you home
and be done with you in one night

You may not even be the one I am looking for
But I am looking for something
And I’m not worried about where I find her
I am not worried about the hands she’s passed through
The parts that matter are always shiny and new
Sparks fly when you find the important parts

Words, stories, books and people are not used up
    even when they are used
Others may have turned down the corners of pages
Others may have marked them up and highlighted them
Others may have damaged the spine
and the pages may be coming unglued
But remember that none of that will ever change
    where you find the story that you need

2014-10-18 07.01.42


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