if you get it in your head to build a wall
your heart may be entertained for a while
but one day she’ll see the prison for what it is
and although everything may look like a brick
right now
I still hope you try to see more in me
and if that isn’t the case
i hope that when your heart finally wants to be free
you’ll see that whole i’ve left
and instead of being sad
take it as an opportunity
to see the world and find freedom
i am not a brick
i will never be part of your wall
i may hurt you and one day leave you
but you will never look back
and see someone that stood in your way
if you look back
you will see right through me
and see everything
i will never be a brick
if you must add me to your wall
all you will have is a window
a hole and escape route
because on that list you keep
of everything that ever held you
down or held you back
you will never find me


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