you are that cloud on a sunny day
pregnant with the promise of joyous rain
you float on by reveling in the sun
afraid to love because you might cry
and when a cloud sheds her tears what is left
in fear you just cast shadows on everyone you pass

what you don’t see from way up there
as you speak of your castle in the sky is
that all I want is to catch you when you fall
that you must fall in love for love to grow
that those tears you hold inside are a moat
that feeling is loving and loving is life

i hope that one day you remember
clouds are born to burst and one day you will too
you may drift by thinking you’re better than us
but if you drift too far you will be forgotten
and a cloud only becomes beautiful when it is beheld
when a young boy isn’t there to look up and see a princess
fighting off dragons in a castle in the clouds
all you are is the tears you haven’t shed


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