no sprinkles

you are my favorite flavor
i will look like a fool
i will be covered in drool
i will swallow you as fast as i can
i will take no bite for granted though
i will waste not one drop
ice cream

when do we learn
that ice cream needs sprinkles
that a cherry matters
that there can be too much
to eat more slowly
to savor every bite
to count calories
to hold back
to worry

we don’t learn
we forget
we forget that love is ice cream
if you want to remember love
if you want to feel love
it you want to see love
give a kid a cone
or even a cup
no sprinkles
no toppings
just ice cream

and if that child refuses
ask yourself why
ask what he’s learned
that pity in your heart
it’s love

and if the child glows
it’s love

i guess i love you
for here i am
no sprinkles
no toppings
hoping you glow


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