infinite faces

together they string end and beginning
then suffer from beginning to end

when one soul leaves this world
they look for another who has arrived

they pass property and money
homes and walls and fences and lines

they pass a name from generation to generation
yet they never see that they pass a soul among them
a soul they have all touched a million times

i laugh at their conflicts
i smile at their fights
i cry for their souls

i cry for their soul, forever shared
never growing, ever learning
never finding anything new
celebrating old surprises within

they call it “discovery”
it is only recovery

uncovering the ties that bind them
finding what brings them together
finding the lines between them
getting thinner


one by one those lines disappear

they champion equality
they fight for it

they will one day see
that missing piece
what every one of them seeks
is far from equality

mother and daughter are never equal
husband and wife have never been equal

equality of infinites is a delusion
equality of undefineds is an illusion

what binds them is unity
what blinds them is inequality

in the dark
they stumble for the switch
unity is the light

i stand among them
sunlight on my skin

take off the blindfold
you are beside me in sunlight
you can feel it on your skin
if you quiet your mind

no beginnings
no ends
no lines
no walls

it is truly beautiful
this world of sunlight
and starlight
and moonlight

one soul sparkling
a diamond of infinite faces
dying to be seen


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