“happiness is balance”
so wisemen say
and they are right
more right than they know

my soul leans this way
and my world falls
out of balance
i reach and reach on tiptoe
leaning over the edge
in cartoon slow motion
i fall

and in mid air
time slowed to a halt
i write these words
in this repeating frame
i think of balance
as only the falling can

i have never had the soul of a dancer
dedicated to stretching and grace
i have a dancer for a soul
teeter-tottering wildly finding the beat
every step so close to falling as a fool
he’ll not be denied the spot light
or ever seek it or ever see it

but in this wild wild world
the wisemen caution me
“seek balance my son, for in it is happiness”
i smile back at them
love bursting from eyes
balance… balance… if only you saw

eyes of love and lovers
sunlight, moonlight, candles
tongues of flame crashing on bodies
waves and waves marching across oceans
all of it, no more than a violent dance

when will the wisemen see
that in this dance, wild and free
balance is not found in a chair
in the corner
her eyes to the floor
timidly waiting

balance is a snow storm
dancing in the wild field
bringing down what has gone up
turning to beauty what evaporated
delivering beauty and cold and danger
in one frigid glance

balance is a hurricane
hot and cold mixing in a rainy inferno
swirling together and canceling
a pause, peace in her eye
leaving love and wreckage in her wake

balance… balance… is a dangerous beauty
and she is happiness
and i look for her
no matter what troubles she brings

perhaps other souls
would be balanced by less
but my soul dances
and all he needs
to balance him
is a dancer


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