she is a rainbow
in a dark green bottle
blonde bottle top
shoulders shimmy
as lights bounce around
a beautiful bottle
that she hides inside
afraid of a world
that can’t love a rainbow

light leaks through
the world sees
a million muted shades
of dull green glittering
and the world falls in love

she sees eyes
staring, ogling
she sees judgment
she sees green eyes of envy
they always say that you see
what you want to see
she sees everything but

he saw her
before the bottle
before her eyes
were full of every color
before her eyes found him
before his rain and sunshine
turned her into a rainbow

she saw him
before the clouds parted
in the grey, grey sky
she didn’t love him
at first
she loved that girl
in his eyes, reflected

if only she knew
that the entire world
loves that girl
in his eyes
just as he did
just as she did


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