dancing tongues

an artist will reach into your soul
through the white hot flames
and grab a strand of hair
pale blonde hair
from in front of your eyes
and shows you what it really is
a tongue of hot white flame

it will burn him
you will burn him
again and again
they say wise men learn

but artists know that wounds heal
it seems they never learn
because they already know
“all pleasure in the world
is in those dancing tongues of flame”

it doesn’t take an artist to see them
for what they really are
but only an artist can show them
to the rest of the world

so when an artist loves you
let him
he cannot spark your soul
but he can show you
that you set his aflame
draw your own conclusions

let him carry you like a torch
so you both can see
be the light by which he sees
be the beauty which he sees
just be

for even if you leave him in the dark
in the shadow of memory
he will never mistake
memory for misery
and even if he finds misery
by your light, by your beauty
he will treasure it

because now the artist knows
that he is only lost
not blind
and he can still see the light
and the beauty
when she arrives


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