Catch Me, Turn Me On

What you tell me and what you think does not interest me.
You had fallen in my net, you know that I had you in my trap.
You lost, I beat you.
You love me and adore me, but I do not care.
We two will not be more than a day, and I tell you this straight at your face.
You hoped, you got dumped…

Catch me, turn me on
Now hold me, embrace me
I want one night just that, and nothing more.
Catch me, turn me on
Now hold me, embrace me
Give me all you have, stay until tomorrow.

In spite of everything you do, you won’t beat me
I know you did everything to change my mind
You lost, I beat you…
I didn’t feel bad, I was just playing you and your feelings
It’s not my fault that you want another thing and I drove you mad.
You took the risk, you got dumped…
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Sarah Kay

She doesn’t really pick me up, but she makes my heart float a little bit.

I’ve played a couple of Sarah Kay videos for this girl and every time I do, she says, “She’s pretty…”

It makes me so angry.  It’s not in those beautiful brown eyes and luscious curls.  It’s not in the texture and meter of her voice.  She is beautiful.  Her.  That which is hidden within that body with the curls and curves.

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