I Write Because…

I am an egotistical, maniacal Little Jerk


Egotistical, Maniacal Little Jerk

So many people write posts about why they write.  As the subtitle suggests, I write because I am an egotistical, maniacal little jerk.  That’s what you see when you look at that picture of me, right?

There I am with a weapon that has the power to kill people or make them do what I want and I obviously cannot get enough of it.  The power is so overwhelming that, instead of smiling, I am laughing with sheer delight at the awesome power in my hands.

That is why I write.

Because at the tip of my fingers is a lethal weapon and it gives me this unimaginable power.  By reading this you not only witness my power, but you increase it.  I am laughing right now as these expended cartridges fall to the floor around me and ring like jingling bells.  Isn’t that what you see in that picture?

I hope that you will appreciate my words as much as I appreciate that picture of me appreciating the little plastic gun.  I dream that you will appreciate my words half as much as I appreciated that little plastic gun.

Regardless I write because it is the only thing that gives me the feeling you see in that picture.  And I don’t mean write as in put words into a computer.  I mean write as in connecting the dots of my life with the voice of an omniscient narrator looking down at all the pleasure and pain that connects the dots of my birth and death.  Surprisingly little of my narrative leaves my echoing skull.

I hope what I share of what does escape my mind helps someone feel a little closer to sane and normal, for if it does, it will certainly help me feel like sane and normal moved a little bit closer to me.


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