Stupid Feminists

So, the internet has randomly buzzed about “Brave” and “Frozen” in terms of the feminist agenda. On some level I am glad that people are considering what lessons children’s movies teach. On every other level, I am disgusted by what the internet teaches. Once again idiots grasp for the current events as examples of what is happening to the youth and discard hundreds of years of finely refined educational material. There are much better role models than Elsa, Anna and Merida. Continue reading


Between Heaven and The Batcave

There was this place I used to hang out.  It was somewhere between heaven and the bat cave.  It was like a lounge on the Death Star where people would get together to share a moment or a coffee or a conversation about advanced algorithms of mathematics, computer science or inter personal relationships.  Those of you who know what I am talking about know what I am talking about.  Those of you who don’t, I am sorry.

There was this girl there.  Continue reading


I wanted to tell you about Anna.  Anna is not one girl, but several.  Anna is the girl I kept meeting at the wrong time.  I know it is incredibly shallow to lump people together like that, but there is good cause.  You see, with Anna, it is always the wrong time because I am with someone else.  Anna therefore gets the label of Anna because I won’t let her get further than that.

It’s not a question of anything else, but the fact that I am monogamous and I will not wonder if I’d be better off with Anna.  And I’m not a coward, so I have no problem telling Anna how awesome she is.  I am a man, so I do not worry that I’ll cheat on my love with Anna.

This is the story of Farooq, but there is a moment between me and Anna, that I do not usually share, that I want to.  I have told the story often enough, but I have always omitted that moment. Continue reading