What is manmadeoceans?

manmadeoceans is the title of this blog.

The first goal that this blog will be pursuing is to expand on insights from one step forward.  I will try to pick 2-3 recent posts from the daily facebook updates and occasionally posts that predate this blog and explain where they came from or some of the ideas that went into it.  Partially because I want to explore some of these ideas on a deeper level myself and partially because I want to look through all of the insights in a more methodical way.

Another purpose of this blog is to explore what I believe of the title of this blog.  I will delve into that in more detail at some point in the future.  In the meantime, I will give you one piece of the puzzle.  The reason there are no spaces in the title is because I still cannot decide which of the phrases “Manmade Oceans” or “Man Made oceans” means more to me.

The main purpose of this blog however, will eventually be to allow me to distill my life into more abstract nuggets than facebook status updates.  I have this odd belief that I am mildly gifted in shaping sentences and phrases into abstract terms that people can relate to and that actually transcend my initial ideas.  Rather than posting to facebook what I ate and how I feel, I want to start posting slightly longer and much deeper insights about this world than how great my alfredo sauce is.  Trust me though, with the freedom of the blog voice that StephANIE helped me discover with her blog and with her invitation, I will certainly let you know how good my Alfredo sauce is.

There will be quiet posts in a gentle voice and some peppered with the deep wise voice of Morgan Freeman.  I will endeavor to keep the Samuel L. Jackson voice internal, and if he does slip in an occasional word, I will censor him out.  Through all this I hope anyone interested gets to know me and I hope to  get to know myself a little bit better too.


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