Who Am I?

Who are you?  Do you see me asking you such mundane and unimportant questions!

Seriously though, my name is V and as a character in this world, my life has followed an interesting story arc, even if you find it boring.  It really doesn’t matter if you find it tragic or romantic or interesting in any way actually, because it is my life.  I will share pieces of it here in abstract terms and hope that you enjoy the pieces I shared or at least find them useful in some way.

When I talk about the sad parts, it is not a cry for pity.  When I talk about the good things it is not gloating.  When I talk about private things, it is not to call out anyone I know in real life.  I am sorry if anyone from my real life ever feels slighted or that I have revealed too much.  I will refrain from using names when possible and will change them if it should become necessary to use names for story purposes.  I will probably choose names from video games in the Final Fantasy series or history or I suppose actors and and actresses could add a fun and entertaining angle.

Other than that, if you read this blog you will eventually have as good an answer to this question as I do.


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