What is One Step Forward?

“One Step Forward” is a mission I declared for myself some time ago.  The mission was to take one step forward every day of my life, because “as long as you take a conscious step forward, you are unstoppable” .  As a general pessimist for a large portion of my life, the most important step I needed to take every day was to find one good thing in this world.  Although most of the insights I have put together are fairly neutral, I work hard to focus on something that is generally good and to find the bright side of whatever topic has chosen me.  I try hard to do this once a day and post it to Facebook every day that I can.  Posting to facebook is not my primary concern, but it allows me to have footprints to look back on.  Breadcrumbs to track back where I was at different points in time.  And every now and then, when it becomes very hard to look forward to anything, I am able to look back on these phrases like the wake of a ship and know that I am moving forward.  Posting to Facebook has also given me the immense pride of knowing that at least a few others have read my words and found at least some of them inspiring or insightful.

If you are interested in following the daily insights, please like the page at http://www.facebook.com/1stepfwd


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