Dear Jeannette,

I guess using the word love makes me come off a bit creepy.

I’ve been told I toss it around lightly, but I do not.  I toss it around frequently, but not lightly.  There are many people I love.  I use the word freely and without shame.  I love a good number of the people I encounter regularly,  and I am not ashamed to show it or say it.  There are even a couple of guys I am not embarrassed to say I love.

I suppose there are many ways to use the word, and I use it in a way that won’t make most of the others blush.  I use it mainly to describe the approximately dozen or so people that run through my mind and make me smile just about every day.  Continue reading


Drawing faith

Causality is the easiest thing to have faith in.  Drawing faith from it is the true challenge and the greatest gift life can ever offer.

I have a friend who I have to call every single time I have a truly bad day.  I have to call him not because I need to vent or because I need someone to listen.  I have facebook for that.

I have to call him and tell him not to drive an hour and sit in a coffee shop for hours until I get out of work and be there waiting for me.  I call him a brother, even though he comes from one of my other mothers, but really he is so much more than a brother could ever be.  He is a friend. Continue reading