cut no wildflowers

beauty within
reflected without
projected on four walls
sun filtered through windows
and skylights
no wild rains
no wild winds
free from danger

surrounded by beauty
she loves the walls
she builds them  thick
she turns the tap
and waters her indoor garden
free to be herself
free of judgment
free of everyone
free of everything

her soul blossoms
her roots grow strong
everything her soul needs
grows inside these walls
the chaos
the angry storms
she closes the shutters

the winds howl
rage for years
reminders of storms
and hurricanes
and nightmares

…loneliness starts knocking
but she knows his knock
the doors stay shut
she knows that game
she knows every game
and the storms stay out
and the hurricanes
and the nightmares
and the sunlight
and the rain
and the gentle wind

the shutters rot
the hinges rust
the door falls to the floor
nothing is left inside
the spring wind blows
and a million seeds are scattered
with no memory
of pain
of hurricanes

and new seeds take root
in a new world
without walls
far from safe
filled with courage
free from the idea of freedom

ready to be hurt
and to grow intertwined
and around a log
and seek the sunlight

so when you find a wildflower
love her, but leave her wild
leave her far from walls
leave her far from fear
leave her as she is
roots as she likes them
twisted around twigs
take only her memory

carry in your mind
the smell of her nectar
the touch of her petals
the sound of the breeze on her neck
the taste of her kiss
cut no wildflowers

This entire poem was inspired by this one girl… and the line “love her, but leave her wild” which appeared on the internet signed “atticus.”  I will better attribute the source if anyone can point me in the right direction.


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